Hello!  I’m so glad you found our fundraiser.  Allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Laura Ward.  I became involved with Head for the Cure immediately after my sister, Sara, was diagnosed with brain cancer in June 2012, at the age of 26.  Our family was already familiar with HFTC because Sara had a college friend who was also effected by this awful disease.  We formed a team in Sara’s honor that she named “Sara’s Faith Walkers”.  With the help of the Head for the Cure Foundation, we are raising hope, awareness, and funding in the fight against brain cancer.  We lost Sara on her 30th birthday, June 9, 2016.  We continue to raise hope, awareness, and funding in her memory!

For the past 18 years, Head for the Cure has raised more than $15 million for brain cancer research and programs primarily through their 5K walk/run events across the country.  However, the fight doesn’t end at the finish line!  Keep reading to find out how you can help!

Our family decided early on that we would like to do as much as we could to help Head for the Cure with their grassroots fundraising efforts.  One way we do this is by participating in the Metro KC 5K each year.  The second way we help is by selling cards!  With the generosity of Usborne Books & More, we are able to sell these beautiful cards for $1 each (or less).  Each card is embellished in a special way and individually wrapped.  Each set of cards also comes in a beautiful keepsake box.  Each box is sold for $30 with 43% of each box ($13) going directly back to Head for the Cure.  There are 5 options to choose from:  All Occasions Box #1, All Occasions Box #2, Thanks & Blanks Box, Kids Birthday Box, and Holiday Card Collection.  Each keepsake box ($30 each) contains 30 beautiful cards, except for the Holiday Box, which includes 50 cards (and is still $30)!

If this sounds like a fundraiser you would like to contribute to, please keep reading to find out more about each box type.  There is no limit to the number of boxes you can order!  Your donation, through this fundraiser ($13/box), can be given to individual HFTC teams (please specify the team name when ordering).

Does your team want to hold their own Cards for a Cause Fundraiser?  It’s really simple!!!  You just need a minimum of 15 boxes ordered, then the boxes can be shipped directly to your team for disbursement, with no tax or shipping charge (all boxes must be shipped to the same address).  Orders of 15+ boxes will be placed right away.  You should expect to receive your card boxes in approximately 1 week.  If you are interested in this fundraising opportunity, or have questions, please email me at:  laura@getbusyandread.com.  I have found that this is one of those fundraisers that most people don’t mind participating in, because who doesn’t need blank cards at home?  Especially if those cards are only $1!!!  (And I promise, they look more like a $5 card you would pick up at the grocery store!)  It doesn’t take many sales to raise a lot of money either.  Your team could raise $500 just by selling 38 boxes of cards!!!  Please let me know if you would like more information!

Orders for card boxes will be collected through September 1, 2020.  With the cancellation of the Head for the Cure EXPO this year, and the 5K being entirely virtual, individual boxes are not available for free shipping, unfortunately.  Card boxes can be shipped for only $15 per box.  This makes most cards cost only $1.50 each and the Holiday Cards only $0.90 each.  Still an excellent value!  (All extra money collected and not used for shipping will be donated to Head for the Cure.)   Orders will begin to be shipped out mid-September.

Orders of 15 boxes or more WILL earn free shipping (and are ordered/shipped right away), so get your HFTC Team, family, and friends together to place a bulk order of 15 or more boxes.  

Whether you are here for more information, to order 1 box of cards, or to order 15 boxes, thank you for stopping by.  Together, we will find a cure!

Thank you,
Laura Ward

The All Occastion Box #1 and All Occasion Box #2 collections are very similar.  They are sold in different keepsake, card organizer boxes (with dividers).  They also include a slighlty different assortment of cards inside.  Take a look at the individual card picture to see which box might be best for you.  Or, buy one of each!

This is a great box to keep on hand.  It also makes a wonderful birthday or wedding gift for someone!  This set contains 15 Thank You cards and 15 Blank cards.

Who doesn’t always need a Birthday Card?  And no one likes to have to run to the store just to get a $5 card!  That’s why this collection is the PERFECT one to keep on hand.  Plus, this newest box design comes ready for the kids (or the kids at heart) to color!!

The Holiday Cards Collection comes with 50 CARDS!!!  That’s 20 more cards, for the SAME PRICE, than any other box.  That makes each card in this collection only 60 cents each.  This is an awesome deal!  The quality of these cards will amaze you.  If you need Easter cards, Valentines’s Day cards, Halloween cards, Christmas cards, then this is the box for you!

If you would like to get your card boxes shipped for FREE, be sure to get together with your family and friends to place one order of 15 or more boxes!  All orders of 14 or fewer boxes will be charged shipping of $15 for each box.  Please add “Shipping” to your cart once for each box of cards ordered.  Tax is not charged on any orders.

 If you have questions regarding shipping, or anything else, please send me a message at laura@getbusyandread.com

 Thank you for supporting our fundraiser benefiting the Head for the Cure Foundation.  Together, we will raise hope, awareness, and funding!